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Starting at $2,799

From the engineers behind the revolutionary Stag and the legendary Grunt, comes a bike built for any adventure, on or off-road.

The Brat is not your typical e-Bike, it goes wherever you want to go. From off-road adventures, to slipping through busy traffic, or traversing the city, the Brat will get you there.

  • Battery:

    750 wh Removable Battery

  • Motor:


  • Front Suspension:

    Inverted Telescoping Adjustable Forks

  • Rear Suspension:


  • Wheels:

    Laced - 20"x4" (tubed)

  • Tires:

    20" x 4.0" Low rolling resistance hybrid tires suitable for mixed terrain use

  • Brakes:

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Display:

    4” LED Color Display, Bluetooth Connected and Controlled via DPad

  • Lights:

    LED Headlights and Tail Lights

  • Drive


  • Top Speed:

    28+ mph*

  • Weight:

    86 lbs

  • Device Charging

    USB Charge Port inside Lockable Storage

  • Charge Time:

    6-7 Hours via Level 1 Charging

  • Range:

    70+ Miles in Mode 1 (30+ Miles in Modes 2-4)

  • Color options:

    Blue and Black

  • Drive Mode:

    Four Ride Modes

*When off-road mode is unlocked.


Distinctive Design

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Connected Experience

Drive Modes

With 4 selectable ride modes, you have the freedom to ride where and how you want.*

Mode 1 showcase image

Minimal pedal assistance and maximum battery life for navigating busy streets and crowded park trails. With this mode the rider receives minimal assistance from the motor to make pedaling a little easier but the throttle will not engage. This gives the rider a little extra boost with the least drain on the battery.



Motor showcase image
On/off-road Capability showcase image


On/off-road Capability

*When off-road mode is unlocked.


Full Suspension

Full Suspension showcase image


Charging showcase image

The Brat is powered by a 48V battery that can be fully charged in 6-7 hours via Level 1 charging through a standard household outlet.


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