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$3,495 Starting MSRP

35 MPH
250 LBS

Introducing the Volcon Runt LT

The Runt LT is the smaller version of its beefier brother, the Grunt. It’s ideal for small statured riders, compact properties and trails, or as a pit bike.


$3,495 Starting MSRP

Pick a color: Desert Dune

  • Motor:


  • Battery:

    1 kWH

  • Charger:

    Level 1 Charging

  • Drive Modes:

    1, 2, 3, Reverse

  • Front Suspension:

    43 mm inverted fork

  • Rear Suspension:

    Monoshock with spring preload adjustability

  • Seat Height:

    28” inches

Distinctive Design

Experience the high torque and maintenance-free benefits of a hub motor, allowing you to witness those fat tires float over deep sand, mud, and terrain.

Inverted forks, pivotless adjustable rear shock, and hydraulic brakes give the Runt LT one of the smoothest rides of any off-road motorcycle. Luminous LED headlights keep your path safely lit while cruising along or moving in reverse.



Volcon Runt versatile off-road tire 750w motor


Motor & Battery


What is the warranty on my Runt LT?

1-year limited warranty (parts only) from the data of purchase.

What is the warranty on my Runt LT battery?

2 years from the date of purchase.

What maintenance is needed on the Runt LT?

Very little to no maintenance is needed for the LT. Keeping the battery charged is the most important thing to maintain.

What should I know about the wheels and tires on the Runt LT?

The wheel sets are aluminum, with 20 x 6 x 10, 6-ply tubeless tires with a Volcon logo tread, rated for off-road use.


How long does the Runt LT take to charge?

20Ah / 4A = 5 hours to a full charge.

Do I need to make any electrical outlet changes at my residence in order to charge the Runt LT battery?

No, a standard household electric outlet is sufficient.

How many amps does the charge draw on the Runt LT?

Input: 120V/3A. Output: 67.2V/4A.

Can the Runt LT motor overheat?

The Runt LT features overheat and over-current protection built into the electrical control.


How far can I ride my Runt LT on a single charge?

Up to 25 miles.

What’s the maximum speed on the Runt LT?

Up to 35 mph in Ride Mode 3.

Can the Runt LT be ridden on-road?

The Runt LT is designed for off-road use only. However, some municipalities will allow you to register off-road vehicles with proper documentation and inspection. Please check your local laws for clarification.

How much noise does the Runt make?

The Runt LT is near silent, unlike most combustion engine vehicles.

Can the Runt LT be ridden in water/snow/mud?

The Runt LT can handle various types of terrain and is water resistant. While it shouldn't be submerged in water, it can withstand low pressure water jets from all angles.

What is the Runt LT’s seat height?

27 inches.

What is the Runt LT’s weight capacity?

250 lbs (range and performance will vary).

How much does the Runt LT weigh?

147 lbs - much lighter than most ICE bikes in its class.

Will I be able to power additional electronics using the Runt LT?

Yes, the onboard display features a USB charge port that is easily accessible to charge your phone and other small electronics.

What documentation comes with the Runt LT?

Quick Start Guide, Owner’s Manual, safety hang tags and labels.

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