Onboarding guide

Congrats on your purchase of a Volcon Grunt and welcome to the community!

We are excited to get you up and running as soon as possible and this page will help us do just that. This is where you can come to find helpful information and videos on things like initial setup, ride modes and general maintenance. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions.

Setup Videos


Charging Your Volcon Grunt Battery


Checking Your Volcon Grunt Tire Pressure


Loading Your Volcon Grunt on a Bike Carrier


Adjusting the Chain on Your Volcon Grunt


Storing Your Volcon Grunt


Swapping Batteries on Your Volcon Grunt


Washing the Volcon Grunt


Volcon Grunt’s Load and Reverse Modes


Volcon Grunt Ride Modes


We have organized a few frequently asked question to help you learn more about all the great features of your Grunt and then get out there and ride!

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