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Congrats on your purchase of a Volcon Grunt.

Welcome to the community! We are excited to get you up and running as soon as possible and this page will help us do just that.

Setup Videos


Charging Your Volcon Grunt Battery


Checking Your Volcon Grunt Tire Pressure


Loading Your Volcon Grunt on a Bike Carrier


Storing Your Volcon Grunt


Swapping Batteries on Your Volcon Grunt


Washing the Volcon Grunt


Volcon Grunt Ride Modes

Maximizing Your Range

Not all riding conditions are created equal! To get the most out of your Grunt there are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to range and the long term health of your battery. Lower speeds and less frequent stops will go a long way in preserving your charge. Additional rider cargo and improperly inflated tires or a poorly adjusted chain will also have a negative effect on your batteries range. So keep the following things in mind before riding off on your next adventure.


Moderate Speeds
Fewer Stops
Smooth Terrain


Riding Position
Lightweight Cargo


Moderate Temps
Lower Wind
Dry Terrain


Tire Pressure
Chain Tension


We have organized a few frequently asked question to help you learn more about all the great features of your Grunt and then get out there and ride!

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