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The Volcon Stag is redefining the off-road experience. Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Stag is purpose-built with today's leading technologies.

Volcon ePowersports only builds cutting-edge, off-road vehicles in a class of their own. Utilizing the latest EV technology, the Stag offers the same thrilling performance of a standard UTV without the noise (or pollution), allowing you to explore the outdoors with all your senses.

The Stag empowers the driver to explore the outdoors in a new and unique way that gas-powered UTVs cannot offer and utilizes key GM® propulsion components proven and tested for automotive applications.

The Stag is fully designed and developed by Volcon staff in Round Rock, Texas.


The Volcon Stag offers exhilarating performance and an unmatched driving experience. The electric motor provides a flat torque curve delivering instant power the moment you press the pedal, resulting in unparalleled acceleration, speed recovery and control on any terrain.

Off road shot of Volcon's electric UTV The Stag

Connected Experience

Volcon Stag Electric UTV side by side HMI interior

Volcon is here to redefine the off-road experience, inside and out. The Stag’s driver-centric cockpit is developed with two innovative displays that deliver unparalleled Human Machine Integration (HMI) providing full control and visibility for the driver. Additionally, seat ergonomics and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel allow for an ideal driving position.



Volcon electric UTV The Stag view from behind, truck bed closed
Volcon electric UTV The Stag rear, passenger-side view


Handling & Stability



Interior of Volcon's electric UTV The Stag front of vehicle

General Motors Components

GM Power Train rendering of Volcon's electric UTV The Stag



Cost of Ownership

Head on view of Volcon electric UTV The Stag in front of garage gate

Volcon News


Reserve your Stag

Overland scene of Volcon electric UTV The Stag on terrain with reserve your Stag CTA

Reservation FAQ

Why Did the Price Change?

Over the last 14 months, many of the components associated with EV drivetrains have seen substantial cost increases, as well as general inflation of goods and services overall. To address these rising costs and maintain a price point and vehicle configuration similar to the vehicle you made a reservation for, we’ve created additional Stag models which incorporate cost effective components, like the newly introduced GL battery pack. The GL battery pack offers similar performance, the same warranty as the LTD and XR Performance battery packs, and utilizes key General Motors propulsion components proven and tested for on road automotive applications.

However, we realize you were waiting for the original Stag. If none of the trim levels meet your needs, or if you're not satisfied with another model, we’ll be happy to refund the $100 reservation fee you put down for your Stag. Please contact our sales support specialists at to have your refund processed.

For those wanting more variety and options, it’s time to pick a trim level for your new Stag!

How much is the Volcon Stag reservation fee?

$100 per unit

What is a Volcon Stag reservation?

By making a reservation for a Volcon Stag, you will secure the purchase of a Stag when they are available in dealerships. Once your reservation is confirmed, a dealer will contact you to finalize your order and review your options for color, accessories and estimated arrival at your dealership.

Is my Volcon Stag reservation refundable?

No. Due to high demand, reservations are non refundable.*

How do I make a Volcon Stag reservation?

To make a reservation for a Stag, click the “Reserve Now” button, you will then be able to select your preferred/closest dealer and then complete your reservation fee.

Can I make a Volcon Stag reservation if there are no dealers in my area?

Yes! We will assign your reservation to the closest dealership. If you have a preferred dealership, please be sure to select that dealership at the time of your reservation. Your Volcon Stag will be made available for pick up at your closest dealership but you may also contact a dealer to make other arrangements as possible.

I made a reservation, what's next?

Once you make your Stag reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Volcon will send updates about the progress of manufacturing and delivery dates as they are available. You may also receive a call from your local dealership to confirm your reservation. We welcome you to stay in touch with your local dealership directly as well.

Does my reservation guarantee that I will receive a Volcon Stag?

Your reservation will be fulfilled based on availability and vehicle production. Stag production schedule is dependent upon numerous variables, including supply chains, shipping, and global logistics impacts. Your selected dealer will contact you to provide delivery detail timing once your Stag is ready. Specific details regarding Stag production and delivery timelines are not available at this time.

What is the expected delivery date for my Volcon Stag?

Estimated delivery of the Volcon Stag to reservation holders will begin in Summer 2023. Specific details regarding Stag production and delivery timelines are not available at this time.

Who can I talk to with Questions about my Volcon Stag reservation?

We encourage you to stay in touch with your local dealer and as always, you can also contact Volcon directly at


Why is GM® going into business with Volcon?

Volcon and General Motors® share a similar vision for improving both on-road and off-road vehicle performance and sustainability. As a result, Volcon will leverage GM® EV technology to electrify various retail product offerings, enabling more customers to experience the fun and strong performance of EVs, faster.

How does this deal help both companies?

GM® Electrification components and tailored customer solutions are part of effort to extend the performance and benefits of zero-emissions technology to new industries and serve as a natural extension of their growth strategy.

Sharing a passion for the electrification of future mobility, this agreement between GM® and Volcon should help accelerate EV adoption by enabling more customers to experience the benefits of EVs, sooner.

Will GM® essentially be a supplier to Volcon as part of this deal?

As a result of this agreement, GM® will be providing a range of EV components and technology in order to electrify a variety of Volcon product applications, beginning with the company’s flagship UTV, the Volcon Stag, as well as the company’s upcoming “Project X” vehicle. The two companies are not sharing details on additional product applications at this time.

Does GM® have any guidance over which Volcon products are made electric?

EV components from GM® can create unique solutions which are tailored to exact specifications for a given application, and scale with technology over time. As part of this agreement, GM® will provide a range of EV component sets which will be used to introduce electrification to Volcon’s flagship UTV, the Volcon “Stag,” as well as the company’s upcoming “Project X” vehicle.

Working collaboratively, the two companies will explore additional product applications, but have nothing to share at this time.

When can we expect the first units to be made available to customers? Can you provide product specs?

The Volcon Stag was revealed to the public on July 1, 2022. Pricing, timelines for delivery, product specifications and additional information regarding current and upcoming Volcon products can be accessed on the company’s website (

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